Thursday, December 6, 2012

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Week three of Thankful Thursdays.... got a bit tougher this week, but made it!

Day 15 - Friday 11/30 - Today I am thankful for the new friends I met through November's NaBloPoMo.  It's nice to become a part of a community, even a web-based one!

Day 16 - Saturday 12/1 - I am grateful for the leftover food from last night's dinner, the only leftovers I actually like were a perfect end to my day.

Day 17 - Sunday 12/2 - I'm grateful for one of my BFFs, who dragged me out of the house and fed me a delicious home made dinner.

Day 18 - Monday 12/3 - I'm grateful that I have a job.

Day 19 - Tuesday 12/4 - I am thankful that I can be the bigger person in a work relationship that is charged with a lot of pettiness.

Day 20 - Wednesday 12/5 - I am grateful for email, as it was very helpful today when I was running late.

Day 21 - Thursday 12/6 - I am thankful I have rescued my  new best friend.  It's  wonderful to come home to a dog who is always glad to see me, no matter how long I was gone.


  1. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by! :-)

    Love your list this week! I am grateful for my new blogger friends too. And that I have a job! Very important in today's world.

    1. Thanks Tamara! It's been such a chaotic week that I was reminded of how much the little things matter :)


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