Thursday, December 20, 2012

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 29 - Friday 12/14/12 -Today I am extremely grateful that I spend my weekdays safe in the bubble of my classroom.  Today's tragedy has rocked me to my core, and I'm so glad I didn't find out about it until after school, otherwise it would have been hard to carry on teaching my little ones....

Day 30 - Saturday 12/15/12 - I am hard-pressed to find gratitude today.  The day after is always harder to swallow.  I guess you could say I'm grateful that it wasn't my school, even though that sounds morbidly selfish.  Like I said, gratitude isn't flowing easily today.

Day 31 - Sunday 12/16/12 - While I might not enjoy food, I do like being healthy, and am grateful that I can afford the food that I need to stay healthy.

Day 32 - Monday 12/17/12 - I am SO grateful that today proceeded like any Monday in the classroom.  Sometimes the monotony of routine is exactly what is needed!

Day 33 - Tuesday 12/18/12 - I am grateful that my team completed everything on our agenda during our meeting this afternoon.  (This usually doesn't happen!)

Day 34 - Wednesday 12/19/12 - Today I am very much appreciating the fact that there are two days left of school until a much needed break!

Day 35 - Thursday 12/20/12 - I am grateful for snowflakes.  My students made dozens of them and they are hanging all over the classroom, which, with this rainy weather, might be all the snow we see.

Not gonna lie.  This was a pretty rough week and I had to stretch pretty far to find something to be thankful for a few days.  Glad we get to start over each and every morning!  (and sometimes, we start fresh every few minutes!)


  1. ((hugs)) good, honest list. I'm grateful too for as many fresh starts as wee need, every single day!

    1. Thanks Tamara! Hope you're enjoying the Saturday!

  2. "afford the food that I need to stay healthy." That would be fruit and vegetables especially.

    1. Fruits and veggies, the fresher the better! Thanks for stopping by opit!


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