Thursday, December 13, 2012

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 22 - Friday 12/7 - Today I am grateful that it is Friday.  That means two whole days of not having to set an alarm!

Day 23 - Saturday 12/8 - I am so thankful I have the ability to learn!  I love that I learned something new today!

Day 24 - Sunday 12/9 - I am grateful for lazy Sunday mornings, sleeping in and snuggling under the covers as long as I want.

Day 25 - Monday 12/10 - I am grateful that today I was not alone in my challenges.  I know firsthand that several of my colleagues faced similar situations in their classrooms today as well - it might not be a full moon, but boy are these kids exhibiting some full moon behavior!

Day 26 - Tuesday 12/11 - I had a meeting today about a hearing-impaired student.  Listening to all this child goes through makes me very grateful my five senses are working.

Day 27 - Wednesday 12/12 - Today I am thankful for my dietitian's expertise.  She knows just how to make food a little less frustrating for me.

Day 28 - Thursday 12/13 - I am very thankful for patience.  It came in really handy today.

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