Wednesday, December 26, 2012

26 Acts

You may have heard of something called "#26Acts" floating around cyberspace the past few weeks.  It's a movement sweeping the country as a way to pay tribute to those lost in the tragedy in Newtown just a few short weeks ago.

Many people, myself included, do random acts of kindness regularly, with no reason needed.  To me, though, this is different.

Ann Curry started it with a tweet:
And it spiraled into a movement that you can read more about here and on their Facebook page here.

You'll notice that the tweet sent 10 days ago (shocking that it's only been 10 days) was for 20 acts.  That was for the children.  It swelled to include the educators, as well.  In a nutshell, people all over the country (and the world, actually) are doing a random act of kindness for each of the victims.  Ironically, today is the 26th of the month.  The perfect day to start my 26 intentional acts in honor of 26 people whose lives were cut short.
I'm in.  

Are you?

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