Monday, October 8, 2012

Challenge 13, Part 1: Artwork Inspiration

Image by Julie D Waroquier
At first glance, this image took my breath away.  At second glance, and third glance, and every glance, it continues to do so.  It so much reminds me of my childhood, the happy place I used to escape to, both literally and figuratively.

I was, and am, a reader.  I think I was born a reader, learning to read early, and never stopping once I started.  To this day, I don't like to read a book during the work week, because I tend to pick up a book and finish it in one sitting, which means that starting a new book on a work night leaves me little time to sleep!

When I was 10, we moved into the house where my parents still live, and in the front yard was a wonderfully magical tree.  I loved that tree.  I spent a good portion of my life in that house up in the tree.  I'd pack my pockets with snacks and books, and could easily spend an entire day, perched comfortably in my well worn spot on the third branch to the right, and just read.

I'd get lost in the books, but more than that, the tree was my escape.  In the spring and summer, when the leaves were full, I could literally escape the glances of my family, the arguments, the annoyances, and be hidden in the foliage, safely tucked away with favorite friends as I ventured into their fictitious worlds.... oh how I loved that tree...


  1. This sounds like a precious tree to read books in. Do you have a special place today that you retreat to? As always - your words are lovely xo

    1. Oh how I loved that tree Kylie! I actually wrote a paper about it in High School. I don't really have a place that I love to read like that tree. I'll find one though, that tree may have been one-of-a-kind, but I'll find my next "tree-place" one day! xoxo


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