Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Challenge 14, Part 1: Staircase

Photo by Andre Arment
I like this new twist on the Blogging for Wellbeing Project!  The photos are so cool!  That, and I'm meeting photographers and artists I've never met before.

This picture stood out to me from all the rest of them, partially because I'm drawn to the warmth and richness of the wood, and partially because it reminds me of one of my favorite artists, M.C. Escher, who creates these incredible optical illusions.

Then there's the heart of the image...... where this child, in red, stands.  Alone.  On the stairs.  Maybe waiting?  Maybe hesitating?  It reminds me of when I was a child, waiting for mom and dad to come home, and how I'd sneak out of my bedroom and wait at the top of the stairs until I heard the garage open, and then I'd tiptoe back to my room and go to bed.  I always had to wait to make sure they got home safely before I could fall asleep.

Yet, somehow this image makes me smile.  Maybe it's because the warmth of the wood reminds me of my years in the horse world.  Maybe it's because sometimes, despite the challenges of my past, there are some memories that feel good when they come up.  For whatever reason, I needed to know my parents were home safe and sound before I could go to sleep.  Looking back now, I think it was kind of cute, actually, and cute usually makes me smile!


  1. "Despite the challenges of my past, there are some memories that feel good when they come up."

    I love these words and pretty much your whole blog. Thank-you for being my friend.

    I hope you always remember things that make you only smile xoxo

    1. Thanks Kylie-Rose, I love when you comment on the blog! It's nice knowing that someone really gets me through these posts. Smiles and friendships are pretty much the best thing in the world! xoxo


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