Friday, October 5, 2012

Challenge 12, Part 2: EMBRACE

I find this to be a VERY interesting concept.  Embracing pain?  Really?  Like those sharp, shooting pains that run down my right leg?  Or the dull ache that constantly resides in my right shoulder?  You seriously want me to embrace it?  Really?  You must be joking.

I can think of lots of other things I'd prefer to embrace.  Like a friend.  Or a puppy.  Or a pony.  Or a pillow.  But pain?  No thanks.

BUT.  If I do choose to embrace that pain, and it does indeed become fuel for this journeycalledlife, then maybe it is worth a go?

As one of those people who believes everything happens for a reason, I guess there IS a reason for pain, and maybe that reason is that it IS what provides fuel for this journeycalledlife that we are all on.  I guess that would give a little more positive purpose to the pain that placates me persistently.

Definitely something to munch on for a while......


  1. I saw this quote earlier. i suppose there are certain pains to embrace, childbirth for example....and? Ok I cant think of another. maybe rehab pain after an op...really interesting twist on this. xxx

    1. I think you're on to one thing - childbirth is supposed to be worth the pain, cause you get a bundle of joy out of the pain. Everything else? Jury's still out ;)


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