Sunday, October 28, 2012


I love this acronym for hope.  It is helpful in putting "right now" in perspective.

Because no matter what you're facing, good or bad, happy or sad, painful or not, it isn't permanent, no matter how much it feels that way in the moment.

Right now, in this moment......  Take a deep breath and know that the pain will end.  The moment will pass.  You will be ok.  Even if it doesn't feel that way right now.

Sometimes hope arrives in the most unexpected of ways.  We just have to be open to receive it. 

(Right now, for me, it comes in the form of typing this out for the world to read, and hoping that I can heed my own message, because I desperately need this reminder right now, too....)


  1. Thanks for posting this--I was having a rough day and could use a dose of HOPE too. I keep I want to go to sleep so today is over, not sure if I want tomorrow to start!!!

    Love the reminder that tomorrow (or a week from now!) will get better" Hope you heed your own's a good one!

    1. Hope it was helpful, and hope your day turned out to be a bit better than it started! I'm working on listening to the message... hope kinda makes things feel a little more hopeful, dontcha think? :)


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