Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week 40: Favorite TV Show

Yikes! This is going to be tough!  Kinda like picking characters that remind me of me, there are just too many choices! Not that I'm a big TV junkie, because I'm not. At least not anymore. I used to have the TV on whenever I was home, just for background noise. I usually kept it on Food Network. Now, I find the background noise to be a bit annoying, and I only watch a select few shows all together.

Dividing this up into current and past might make it a little simpler.

My current/recent favorite TV show is The Big Bang Theory. I can't help but laugh out loud as I watch! I DVR episodes just so I can watch them again and again. Really helps bring a smile to my face on a gloomy day! I am embarrassed to admit that I've probably seen every episode thus far. (Except this week's episode, still haven't watched it, but it's on DVR!)
My two favorite TV shows from the less-distant past are Friends and Gilmore Girls. And yes, I've seen every episode of both of them. I can quote both, too. And I never get tired of the reruns (though there are a few Friends episodes that I've seen so many times....) I wish I lived in a town like Stars Hollow, I loved the small feel of the place. Oh, and the banter between Lorelei and Rory didn't hurt, either.

As for overall most favorite shows?  These two three stem from my oh-so-distant childhood.  Kids Incorporated was a Disney Channel favorite and I loved watching it. I still remember every single word of the theme song, and can hear in my head at the slightest mention of Kids, Inc. (I may or may not have spent way too much money purchasing VHS tapes of the show on ebay.)  Nickelodeon hosted another favorite of mine, which recently came out on DVD, much to my surprise! Hey Dude was about as fake as they come, but I didn't care. I loved being at the Bar None ranch with Kyle and Brad and Mr. Ernst. My weekly escape to the summer vacation of my dreams. Finally, and likely my most favorite show of all time, Punky Brewster tops the list. I wanted her bedroom. I wanted her to be my best friend. I admired her optimism and spunk, despite the challenges she faced.

Ok, so I narrowed it down to six, not too bad considering the list spans 30 years!


  1. I just did a happy dance! We're like TV Series twins! I'm working my way through FRIENDS. .. again. .. and of course Big Bang Theory but I'm so swamped with school right now that I only have time for one .. so FRIENDS it is.. Gilmore Girls was a favorite for a while, and I can't wait to get back to it! .. you have great taste! :)

    1. How cool! I love fellow TV junkies that *get* the shows I like. I never get tired of Friends episodes, nor BBT, nor Gilmore - embarrassingly, I've seen every episode of all three of them at least twice (except, of course, for the newest BBT episodes that aren't on DVD yet!) I hear you on being swamped, I actually just caught up on BBT this weekend, watching all the new episodes from this season from DVR. A BBT marathon, you could say!

  2. I'm a tv junkie too and I love the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S it's my favorite show and I love American dad! I my second favorite show I really HOPE THEY REUNITE TO NBC!!!!

  3. I would LOVE to see a Friends reunion show! That would be ah-may-zing!


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