Thursday, October 11, 2012

Challenge 13, Part 2: Butterfly

Image by Julie D Waroquier
I love this picture..... the innocence, the softness, the possibility..... reminds me of the innocence of childhood.  Staring out the front window, watching the wind blow through the trees, waiting for dad to get home from work.  Wishing.... hoping....

I noticed, too, the somewhat "old fashioned" tone to the image.  The jumper the child is wearing, the shoes, they are all reminiscent of a time so far away.... when things were simpler.  When kids played in the yard with boxes and sticks, and their imagination took them places that kids today will never visit.  When family dinners were a daily event, and conversation took place face to face, instead of screen to screen.

Innocence.... possibility..... hope..... hope that the children of the future will be able to enjoy.....


  1. very true..its so strange how we interpret the pictures differently. x


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