Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 26: Something Positive about ME

First, I have to say, that had I been given this prompt last year, or six months ago, or even three months ago, I probably would not have been able to answer it.  At all.

However, now that even my worst days are better than my best days used to be, there are a few positives I can point out, despite the incredibly challenging weekend I've been having.  (Of course this prompt would fall at a time where I'm struggling!)

 The Help
1.  I love the color of my eyes.  They are speckled with flecks of brown and green, dancing on a blue background.

2.  I am a good teacher.  (Others will say that I am an exemplary or dynamic teacher and though they might believe it, I can not speak those words.)

3.  I am good with computers.  And technology in general.  And I'm good at teaching people of all ages the basics of technology.

There.  Three whole things that I can say without feeling ill.  Three whole things that I can say and I can mean it when I say them.  Three might not be a lot, but it's three more than I used to be able to say...


  1. this post made me smile ; )
    i am glad that you are able to see the good things you like about yourself, and it shows the growth in you!

    one of the things the ed takes away from us is this and inside the ed fills us with hatred towards ourselves. but we need to fight to get it back! and you are! ; )

    1. Thanks Jenn! Glad to bring a smile to your face today. It is such a daunting task to remove the hatred I've been stuffed with, but I'm told it will be worth it! xoxo


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