Saturday, July 21, 2012

Challenge 2, Part 3: Creativity

How can one be self-nurturing?

    Drawing with fresh new crayons and crisp white paper
    Sipping warm glass of hot cocoa
    Soaking in a bubble bath
    Taking time for yourself
    Strolling leisurely in the sunshine
    Reading a favorite book
    Snuggling with something really soft
    Letting the tears flow
    Asking for help when you need it
    Indulging in your favorite activity
    Treating yourself with patience

That is how one can self-nurture.

© MGD July 2012   
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  1. It is so important to give something back to yourself, and often it's the simplest things which are the most comforting. I live to lounge on the sofa watching a soppy film, wrapped in my snuggly blanket :)

    1. Jackie, as I catch up on blog stuff, I'm wrapped in a soft cozy scarf snuggling into my sofa with my laptop. Might sound a little twisted, but it's the most comfy place in my house!

  2. I appreciate all these suggestions, strolling leisurely in the sunshine is my favourite!! Much love, hope you are going well and thank-you for your kind words on my blog! xoxo

    1. Right back atcha Kylie-Rose! I do love those strolls, I can't wait for the weather to break (it's been an unusually hot summer where I am) so I can take some sunset strolls! xox


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