Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Week 22: Harboring Emtions

Hmm.... Where do I hold my emotions.  I guess a better question is where don't I hold them?  My emotions like to get stuffed into my stomach, creating a mess in the digestion department.  They like to hide in my heart and chest, trying to convince me I'm having a heart attack (I'm smarter than those darn emotions, though!)  They like to hang out in my neck, and they hate when I see my chiropractor, because he crashes their party there.  Same with my low back.  My emotions pretty much hate my chiropractor, because he tries to crash any party they've planned in any part of my body.

It used to be easy to keep my emotions in check.  I just kept stuffing them down, eating my emotions instead of food.  That worked for a long time, too.  Except for one problem.  When I ate too many emotions, and too little food, well, the emotions snuck out of my pores and created a rather uncomfortable situation upon their escape.  That, and my body needed to eat more than emotions, despite what my brain thought.

Now I'm working through this terrifying process of actually expressing emotions instead of eating them.  I should say, appropriately expressing them.  It is not easy work, though my therapist has said that it does get a little easier over time.  Right now it's such a new skill, like, say, learning how to ride a skateboard, that I've got a lot of scrapes, bumps, and bruises all over.  But I'm trying.  And waiting for the easier part to arrive!


  1. LOVE the quote :)

    Your posts are always a pleasure to read - and you express yourself beautifully.

    Good to see you working towards health and wellness, and learning to deal with emotions appropriately. I'm in the same boat (or on the same skateboard) so I know how bumpy the ride can get. It's all about not falling off at first! x

    1. Thank you :)
      I think for me, it's less about falling off, and more about always getting back on! Kinda like that saying - fall down six times, get up seven. I look forward to the day when I don't have to fall six times before I "get it" <3


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