Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 163 - Thursday 4/30/15 - Starting off the morning with a snuggling pup is the. best. ever.

Day 162 - Wednesday 4/29/15 -  I love my doctor.  Who else would squeeze you in on their lunch hour at the very last second?  My doctor!

Day 161 - Tuesday 4/28/15 - Never realized how comfortable a couch can be during incredibly uncomfortable conversations, when the person sharing the couch with you genuinely wants to help.

Day 160 - Monday 4/27/15 - Spring?  Is that you?  Welcome back!

Day 159 - Sunday 4/26/15 - Enjoyed tea and conversation with two delightful women this morning.  Great way to kick off my Sunday!

Day 158 - Saturday 4/25/15 - Delicious dinner with my bff at an amazing restaurant.  My taste buds were happy as was my heart!

Day 157 - Friday 4/24/15 - I love putting the peanut to bed on Friday nights.  Nothing like an infant sleeping in your arms to make any day better.

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  1. I just love reading your Thankful Thursdays ^-^
    Mandy xx


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