Thursday, April 9, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 142 - Thursday 4/9/15 - Driving home from the peanut's tonight, the pup was on my lap looking up at me.  His little face makes me so smiley and thankful every single day.

Day 141 - Wednesday 4/8/15 - Enjoyed a delicious dinner and dialogue with a dear friend!

Day 140 - Tuesday 4/7/15 - I.  Pushed.  Through.  Made myself make a dinner I didn't want to, and while it took a while, I made myself eat it too.

Day 139 - Monday 4/6/15 - It always feels good talking to my therapist, especially now, as she reminded me today that I am worth advocating for.

Day 138 - Sunday 4/5/15 - Snuggling with the peanut always makes breathing a little easier.

Day 137 - Saturday 4/4/15 - I think I've found my sleep again.  Thank g-d.

Day 136 - Friday 4/3/15 - Had a great start to spring break - spent the day with my BFF and her family and enjoyed an awesome art museum that the kids really liked!

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