Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Maybe It's True

Maybe it's really true.  Good things happen to those who wait.  Karma.  You only get what you give.  What goes around comes around.  You know all those cliches. 

I'm starting to believe they really are true.

I mean, I've lived my life by the "everything is meant to be" and "everything happens for a reason" rules.  I firmly believe in them, too.

I just didn't really think that the "good" of all this would find me.  I haven't earned it.

I guess I was wrong.

Because my life changed today.  I got news that will inexplicably change my whole world.  And if everything works out the way I wish it to, then things are about to get really, really, different.  And really, really good.

It feels too good to be true.  Like I don't deserve something of this amount of "goodness."  But it's true.  And it's real.  And...... well...... it's going to be good.  It's going to be really, really good.

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