Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 156 - Thursday 4/23/15 - Super happy to have the chance to get a fresh start at just about everything in life.  Now, my goal is to make the best of this..... how do I do that....?

Day 155 - Wednesday 4/22/15 - Haven't thrown this one out in a while..... but today I'm feeling especially thankful for my therapist.  As I move through a massive transition, her support continues to be invaluable.

Day 154 - Tuesday 4/21/15 - Realizing that it is possible to sit with a feeling and not die.

Day 153 - Monday 4/20/15 - Finished conferences.  Technically, finished my last conference for a long, long time, if not forever.  Ended it on a very, very good note.

Day 152 - Sunday 4/19/15 - Sleep.  Loved spending most of my day sleeping........ much needed catch-up!

Day 151 - Saturday 4/18/15 - Wonderful morning with colleagues and wonderful evening with friends.  Together, with a nap, they made for a pretty nice Saturday!

Day 150 - Friday 4/17/15 -  Got chewed out by a parent today during conferences.  Didn't take it personally.  Not one drop of it.  Go me!

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