Thursday, April 16, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 149 - Thursday 4/16/15 -  Received some reassurance from an unexpected place today.  Needed that.

Day 148 - Wednesday 4/15/15 - Took the chance of a lifetime today.  Let the adventure begin......

Day 147 - Tuesday 4/14/15 - I.  Stood.  Up.  For.  Myself.  I spoke up and made sure that I was taking care to ensure I would come out ok in the end.  And it worked.

Day 146 - Monday 4/13/15 - Enjoyed the first day back after spring break - the class was in a fun mood and we actually got EVERYthing done on our agenda, which is rare!

Day 145 - Sunday 4/12/15 - Never realized how satisfying it is to see a drawer full of clean socks and another full of clean underwear.  Clean laundry accomplished!

Day 144 - Saturday 4/11/15 - Though this might sound strange, I'm really rediscovering my love of writing......

Day 143 - Friday 4/10/15 - Got caught up on my schoolwork that has been staring at me all week.  Feels good to be done and caught up!


  1. I love reading your thankful Thursday posts ^-^ it's great to see someone being positive and making an effort to see the good in every week.
    I do something similar on Sundays (10 good things before the week is out) I find it helps to see each week in a brighter light ^-^
    Take care of yourself, big hugs
    Mandy xx

    1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I peeked at your Sundays posts and love the idea! Definitely can use all the ways possible to see the light in each week :)


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