Sunday, May 13, 2012


Have you ever been surfing?  I have.  It's a lot of work, but it is so much fun!  I learned to surf several years ago, and while I will not post pictures of the embarrassing but fun experience, I will tell you this: I learned a lot more about life from surfing than I expected.

For example... You can't force the waves to come.  You have to sit patiently and wait.  When you see *the* wave, the one you want to ride, you have to do something.  You can't just sit there.  You have to actively seek the wave you wish to ride on the wave's time, not yours.  You can't control the ocean, instead, you need to go with the flow.

How the hell am I ever going to learn to surf feelings if the waves never slow down?  I mean, it's as if the ocean of my life has been under a severe storm warning for the last three months, and just when you think one round of storms pass, and the ocean settles down, here comes the next storm.  The rain, the tears, they are overwhelming...

Choosing which one to surf... now that's a funny thought, considering me trying to make a choice these days is like trying to catch the big one while your surf board is on the beach.  I'm trying to keep one thing in mind... some of the roughest waves, once caught, make for the best rides to shore...

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