Monday, May 28, 2012


I had a major attitude adjustment last week.  It was very much needed.

In a short, 15 minute conversation, I was relieved of months of anxiety involving a specific situation that had taken over a large chunk of real estate in my brain.  After month 5 of that same situation coming up over and over, it seemed to have purchased the property.

Amazingly, things quickly shifted when the *right* words registered in my brain.  A new landlord came and kicked out the previous owner, and finally, finally left a little room for calm space to reside.  It really was a 15 minute conversation (one that has happened no less than a dozen times over the past 5 months,) so it wasn't anything I hadn't already heard, but this time, I listened differently.  I heard the same words, but they didn't land in the same place.

When it comes to me, I tend to see things from a very narrow perspective, one that gets even narrower when it comes to my thoughts.  Ironically, I'm incredibly good at helping my students see multiple sides to any situation or story.  I just can't see it myself, at least not without help.

I'm good at taking the blame for anything and everything that goes wrong.  I mean, it has to be my fault, it has been my whole life, so why would now be any different?  In many cases (ok, 97% of them,) I still take the blame, but now, in this situation?  I don't.  And while this is a situation likely to arise again and again, next time it happens, it won't be renting space in my brain for long.

Oh, and while I'm great at taking the blame for anything and everything?  When it comes to taking credit for the good stuff?  Yeah.  I can't do that.  But that's a whole different post!

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