Tuesday, February 10, 2015


You know that feeling when someone says "we need to talk?"  
The stomach drop, pulse racing, heart pounding feeling that makes you think, or at least makes me think
"What did I do this time?"

I've actually said that many, many times.  It's my standard response, especially at work.  Whenever the principal needs to speak to me, my instant response is "what did I do this time?" even though I very well did nothing wrong whatsoever, and it's a simple question or brief conversation about some professional thing.  I didn't realize how often I use the "what did I do this time?" response each day.  At least once, maybe twice.  Even if I don't speak it, I think it.

Well, today I came up with a new response.
Instead of "what did I do this time?"
I'm going to give
"What did I win?" 
a chance.

If anything, it will likely elicit a brief giggle and smile, and even if it is an uh-oh conversation, at least it will start with a smile.  And considering the grant funds I've "won" over the past ten months?  Who knows? Maybe I will have won something else!


  1. Your post made me giggle, and feel terrible for those that were my employees many years ago. Those poor sweet teenagers looked terrified every single time I called them into my office :/

    I like your new phrase! And I hope it makes you smile every time you use it!

  2. I tell you, it's a strange drop-in-the-stomach feeling, even when I KNOW I did nothing wrong! Haven't had the chance to try out the new line yet, but I'll keep you posted!


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