Thursday, February 19, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 93 - Thursday 2/19/15 - Bonus day!  The only time I appreciate sub-zero temps is when it shuts down school.  Like today.

Day 92 - Wednesday 2/18/15 - Glad that today went faster than anticipated.  Even gladder that my dietitian gets me.

Day 91 - Tuesday 2/17/15 - Two good things today - it was good to be back at group after a few weeks of chaos, and it was great to be back in my therapist's office after her week-long vacay!

Day 90 - Monday 2/16/15 - Feeling accomplished after a bonus day at work, even though I'm technically on break.  Got a lot done and that feels good!

Day 89 - Sunday 2/15/15 - Thankful for uninterrupted nights of sleep.  Parents, I give you lots of credit for functioning without them.

Day 88 - Saturday 2/14/15 - Finally spending this stupid love-filled day with someone I love - the peanut - best snuggles ever!

Day 87 - Friday 2/13/15 - Glad it's Friday.  Glad it's a Friday that leads to a three day weekend. 

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