Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 79 - Thursday 2/5/15 - SO glad that my first visit with the new dietitian went well..... super sad that mine is leaving, but at least I like the new one, and can see myself working with her!

Day 78 - Wednesday 2/4/15 - Having a tough time finding something to be thankful for today. I guess I can say that I'm thankful my friend stocked me up with her homemade yummies, pulled one out of the freezer and had a delicious dinner!

Day 77 - Tuesday 2/3/15 - Counting my lucky stars today - a rare cancellation brought a much needed visit to my therapist.

Day 76 - Monday 2/2/15 - Snow storm day - good news is there was no school.  Bad news is there was also no therapy.  Good news is that my world didn't end when therapy cancelled.

Day 75 - Sunday 2/1/15 -  Wow.  Shockingly surprised, but super happy that school was called for tomorrow early enough to make Sunday evening more enjoyable!

Day 74 - Saturday 1/31/15 - Happy to finally see my dietitian.  It's only been 3 weeks but it felt like forever......

Day 73 - Friday 1/30/15 -  Family Dinners have taken on a whole new meaning since the peanut arrived...... never thought I'd look forward to family time.


  1. I love that you've kept up with blogging! I've also started back up so I'm using you as my encouragement :)

    1. So not been easy.... there was a 2 month break sometime last summer, and a period where just Thankful Thursdays made it out of draft, but.... I like blogging, and I guess when you like something, no matter how long the pause is, you're always ready to go! I look forward to reading your posts again!


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