Thursday, February 26, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 100 - Thursday 2/26/25 - My past is not going to poison my future anymore.  I hope.

Day 99 - Wednesday 2/25/15 - Took a risk.  Reached out during what would previously had made for a poor behavior choice.  Risk paid off.  Damn, she's good.

Day 98 - Tuesday 2/24/15 - Bonus visit with the peanut!  Score!

Day 97 - Monday 2/23/15 - Happy to be back at work today.  Love me those snow days, but I also love the routine of school, and of course, the kids!

Day 96 - Sunday 2/22/15 - Grateful for soap and water.  Like, really grateful.  Otherwise I'd be walking into school with purple fingers tomorrow.

Day 95 - Saturday 2/21/15 - Extremely thankful for the past three and a half years with my dietitian.  During our journey together, her care warmed me as much as it scared me.  I am grateful for her hugs, her comfort, and her ability to morph between mom and dietitian.  I'm also grateful that I have her blessing as I head into the next chapter of my nutritional work with my new dietitian.

Day 94 - Friday 2/20/15 - Happy to finally have a day where I had to be no where until dinner.  Those days seem rather rare lately.

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