Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Buh-by 2013!

Twelve more months.
52 more weeks.
365 more days.
8760 more hours.

All in the past.

2013 is done.  Over.  Gone.  Finished.

2014 is here.  Ready.  New.  Fresh.

Memories?  2013 was full of them.
Some good. 
Some horrid. 
Some sad. 
Some funny.
Some just plain crazy.

2013's word? Written.
The vast amount of writing I did this year, both on the blog and in my journal...
yeah, written fits for sure.

As for 2014?
Can't wait to see what it brings.......


  1. Happy New Year - a whole new chapter of our lives ready to unfold and surprise us...


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