Saturday, December 14, 2013

What I Do vs Who I Am

My therapist says that what we do is who we are.   

What I Do:
I teach 25 pairs of ears how to be respectful listeners.
I teach 25 pairs of eyes how to read, write, and do math, discover, and look deeper.
I teach 25 pairs of hands how to play fair, cooperate, and explore.
I teach 25 mouths to ask questions, to communicate kindly, and share knowledge.
I teach 25 brains how to think, wonder, and reflect; how to be curious, and creative.
I teach 25 hearts how to be thoughtful, empathetic, and giving; caring and brave.
I teach from my heart...... and I'm pretty good at what I do.

Who I am:
I am the daughter of dysfunctional parents.
I am the sister of challenging siblings.
I am lacking in self-confidence and self-esteem.
I am an unsuccessful peace-keeper.
I am filled with self-doubt and worry. 
I am unsure of myself.
I am afraid of the world.

Continuing on the theme of trust, and holding on to the idea that my therapist believes what we do is who we are, well......
I think what I do is pretty darn awesome.  If only I could merge with who I am, more like who I *think* I am.....
I trust my therapist, so hopefully that means the merger will happen soon?


  1. You ARE an inspiration to those who read your words. You ARE a thoughtful and thought provoking writer. You ARE a brave soul who accepts her own vulnerability. You ARE a kind and compassionate commenter. You ARE a seeker of truths. You ARE a worthwhile and beautiful human being.

    Not that you asked for my two cents, but that's what I see anyway. :)

    1. {blushing} I never really thought about all of that as a part of who I am.... I'd have categorized my writing/blogging as part of what I do. Thanks for the perspective shift my friend, I appreciate it (and you!)

  2. You can't control who your parents are, and you are not your parents. You can't control who your siblings are, and you are not your siblings. You can't control this scary world, and you are not the scary one. You can't always have control of how much peace is in your life, and you are not always the peace-breaker.
    But you can control the messages you tell yourself. You are a good person - It just oozes through your words.
    I loved this - you are very honest, and I am drawn to that. You are doing a wonderful thing - teaching our beautiful children. That is something to be so proud of!
    (Not meaning to sound preachy - believe me, I'm trying to tell myself the same thing) :)

    1. Not preachy at all - we often tell others what we need to hear, I'm no exception! You're right, too, there are lots of things out of my control.... the challenge is what I AM in control of, and using that for positive..... Thanks for the comment!

  3. I think we're so much more than who we come from. I think we are who we choose to stand beside, who we choose to love, and what we choose to do. I can see what your therapist is saying, and I can definitely see what you're saying.

    The merge will come, of this I am sure :)

    1. "we are who we choose to stand beside, who we choose to love, and what we choose to do."

      Interesting.... totally agree, just, well, this is one of those ideas that I agree as it relates to others, the challenge will be agreeing with it as it relates to me......


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