Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Hold On.....

Things are a bit, well..... ugh.

It kinda feels like the world is ending.

Even though I know it's not.

It feels like...... like...... darkness.

Even though it's technically not.

My therapist reminded me that this isn't permanent. 

She reminded me that this won't last..... that it may feel like the world is ending right now, but it won't......

She said my job right now is to hold on.

Hold on.

So I'm holding on.

Feels like I'm holding on to a handful of thumbtacks.

But I'm holding on.


  1. Yes, she is right. And you are right.

    You keep holding on - this will not last forever. I promise you.

  2. Hey there my friend. I hope you feel a little better so very soon.
    Sending you love as always xoxo

  3. I am hoping things are looking a bit brighter now. I am praying for you my friend.


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