Thursday, December 19, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 30 - Thursday 12/19/13 - Super grateful for my dog walker, who not only took the Pup for his walk today, but took out my trash for me, too, as I am bed-ridden with this nasty flu!

Day 29 - Wednesday 12/18/13 - Thankful I have health insurance.  Not thankful that I have the flu.  Thankful my insurance allowed me to go to the doctor and get medicine for said flu.

Day 28 - Tuesday 12/17/13 - Grateful for flannel pajamas on this freezing evening.

Day 27 - Monday 12/16/13 - Grateful that this is the last Monday in which I have to get up early for the rest of 2013 ;)

Day 26 - Sunday 12/15/13 - Honored to invited to an intimate baby shower for a special friend as we celebrated her soon-to-arrive baby boy!

Day 25 - Saturday 12/14/13 - Grateful to be a part of a family event for a student who shined on stage!

Day 24 - Friday 12/13/13 - Finally! A night home!  So appreciative of the chance to stay in and snuggle with the Pup after this busy week.

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  1. The people who care for us when we're sick - even the dog walkers in taking out the trash ... thank goodness for them!

    I hope you're feeling better, and that you enjoy your winter break!


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