Saturday, April 20, 2013

Randomly Meandering

It's been an interesting week.  There's been a lot of static in my brain.  Figure that if I share it with you, then it might not continue playing in my brain?  Worth a try....

1.  Picking up food for The Pup, I stumbled across this bag of treats.  "Only 3 calories each!"  Seriously?  I mean come on.  They're dogs.  Do we really need to count their calories, too?  Frustrated me to see that, and stressed me, too.  Probably because I am supposed to be slowly weaning myself off of counting calories myself.  Um.  Yeah.

5.  This weather situation has been pretty baffling.  This time last year it was in the 80s.  Today, it snowed.  It was in the 70s just 48 hours ago.  My closet is confused.  So am I.

13.  I've been feeling VERY overwhelmed lately.  The overwhelmed feeling that leaves me without words.  So while I've read and do appreciate everyone's comments on the blog, I'm a bit behind on my replies.  Same for commenting on your blogs, friends.  I am reading, please know that, I'm just having a hard time commenting these days.  Please don't take it personally, I do enjoy reading your blogs and your comments, even if I don't say so lately. 

24.  Stuck on the concept that I can't please everyone.  In the middle of parent-teacher conferences at school right now, and know that I have the one parent that is impossible to please coming up.  Somehow, the 24 positive conferences don't outweigh the one negative one.  Gotta change that.

35.  I went out on a limb with a project at school.  Like, went really far out, and was dangling like the lone leaf left on the branch once autumn departs.  And this was a pretty big project.  Like, really, really big.  So far.... I don't want to jinx it, but so far?  It's surpassed even my expectations.  Which is actually a little frightening.

47.  Been watching a National Geographic documentary on the 80s.  On part two of six.  First, it's pretty fascinating.  Second, it brought this to mind....  Two of my favorite 80s singers.... 


  1. You sound busy! And no worries about the commenting/replying. I find myself in the same situation on occasion.

    In other news, I hope your weather gets figured out soon - that definitely makes for a complicated closet!

    1. Life settles down, oh, on June 16th? If I'm lucky! The good news is that the weather is looking to be pretty consistently nice over the next week, bonus!

  2. Hello!!!

    Dog food with only 3 calories?! Seriously! This is so silly.

    Hope you are ok my dear! As always sending you love.

    Keep on truckin'


    1. Thanks for the love my friend, sending some right back your way. I know, calories in dog food? Really?

  3. The overwhelm can be crippling, can't it? I have had many days where everything feels like too much. I have noticed many people seem to be struggling over the last week or so - the energy has been low. I keep reminding myself that that's okay - life ebbs and flows.

    I'm a post-it junkie and my strategy for noticing the positive more than the negative is to post them - it's easier to bring them to mind when they are staring you in the face :)

    1. I wonder if there was something going on in the universe that week, cause a lot of people commented that it was a cra-zy week! I like the idea of your post-its, they're lying unused around my hose in little clusters, might as well make some good use of them!

  4. 1. Isn't that nuts? I've run across cat food that's completely species inappropriate, but would be tasty to humans. Good grief. They're marketing pet foods more towards people than pets.

    13. Sometimes, one just has to let a few tasks go undone. It's very hard, but can be such a relief.

    24. Boy, do I hear you on this one. I am trying so hard to learn to stop ruminating. On the rare occasions when I can, then the occasional nasty person doesn't outweigh all the good people I've interacted with. Other times I post this to my Facebook: "I can't make everyone happy. I can't make everyone happy. I can't make everyone happy...." For some reason, that really helps as a last ditch effort.

    35. Even though the results were scary... way to go! That's so freakin' fantastic! There needs to be a little bobble-headed cheerleader that you can get to do a little cheer for you when this kind of thing happens. Does that kind of trinket exist? It should!

    1. 1. Totally. Way insane. They're animals, let them eat!
      13. It's WAY hard! Trying to leave the perfectionism at the door these days...
      24. Turns out that out of 24 conferences, 23 were excellent. The one that wasn't, at least it's over!
      35. Sometimes it isn't as bad dangling on the limb out there... fruit makes for great picking!


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