Thursday, April 11, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 136 - Friday 4/5/13 - I am grateful for the delicious roasted asparagus I made for dinner.  They turned out just right, which was quite surprising, actually!

Day 137 - Saturday 4/6/13 - Grateful for puppy licks to wipe away tears.  The Pup is much more cuddly than kleenex, and does just as good of a job.

Day 138 - Sunday 4/7/13 - "Always will be room for you, no worries."  I appreciate these words more than anything right now.  Sometimes a simple statement is anything but simple.

Day 139 - Monday 4/8/13 -  So thankful that I got the green light to try a pretty neat project at school!  I hope it turns out as well as I think it will!

Day 140 - Tuesday 4/9/13 - Extremely grateful that my therapist made me pause and realize how much progress I've made over the last year- I'd have rushed right over it otherwise!

Day 141 - Wednesday 4/10/13 - Beyond thankful that my team finds the good in all steps - forward or backward, baby or giant - the fact that they point this out is uber appreciated.

Day 142 - Thursday 4/11/13 - Grateful for the flexibility of The Pup's dog walker - made it easy to ensure he was well taken care of during this ridiculously long day.


  1. You always remind me how important it is to recognize and feel grateful to others, and even to our situations. Thank you for that!

  2. I have no idea why this made me both happy and a little teary-eyed, but it did. "Grateful for puppy licks to wipe away tears. The Pup is much more cuddly than kleenex, and does just as good of a job."


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