Monday, April 1, 2013

Autism Awareness

Yep.  It's that time again.  April.
Yep.  It's poetry month.
But April also hosts a pretty important topic.
Autism Awareness.

Now, you might think, "Why do we need to have a month for THAT?  It's something people deal with every single day!"  That is true, but..... it's pretty powerful to have a month where everyone focuses on EDUCATING others about AUTISM.  For 30 days, people who may or may not be connected to autism share information, encourage others, and promote awareness in general.

In my web-travels, I stumbled across this great article by someone from the Friendship Circle - 10 Ways to Support Autism Awareness Without Writing a Check.  April 2nd has been designated Autism Awareness Day by the United Nations.  Across the globe, people "light it up blue" in an effort to spread autism awareness.  What struck me about this article is that it's possible for EVERYONE, ANYWHERE to show support and increase awareness, without spending a dime.

So no more excuses.  Let's get moving.  Here are a few to get you started, but be sure to check out the full article, it's short and sweet, and chock full of ways that YOU can make a difference in the lives of someone different.

2. Offer a kind compliment to a family that you know is struggling, you never know how much a genuine compliment warms the heart.
5.  Stand up and speak out if you hear someone being unkind to someone with autism, or any disability/difference, for that matter.
9.  Add a little note to your prayers, including those who care for and have autism, offering them compassion and tolerance.

P.S.  If you're not sure what autism looks like, here's a great read about the 20 Faces of Autism.


  1. well done :) I have supported Adults with Autism for 28 years as well as those with profound and multiple learning disabilities. You can never underestimate how hard it must be for the parents/carers...I can go home at the end of the day and put my feet up. But also what a joy to work with.

    1. I can only imagine how challenging it would be to care for anyone with any sort of challenging impairment. Those that do are angels in disguise - including you!

  2. thanks for getting the word out from a mom of one of the 1 in 54.

    1. I admire your strength and spirit. You are a special breed of parent!


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