Thursday, April 25, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 150 - Friday 4/19/13 - Grateful to come home to a quiet house, a snuggly puppy, and a night where I don't have to set the alarm clock!

Day 151 - Saturday 4/20/13 - Glad to live in a state where all four seasons can be experienced in a 24 hour period.  Or at least I think I'm glad....

Day 152 - Sunday 4/21/13 - Much enjoyed lunch with my BFF today.  Always a treat to spend time together.

Day 153 - Monday 4/22/13 - I was so happy to sink into the cushions in my therapist's office today..... much needed!

Day 154 - Tuesday 4/23/13 - Very proud to be part of such a powerful learning experience.... today culminated a two year academy experience, and I learned so much during those two years!

Day 155 - Wednesday 4/24/13 - So grateful that my class had such a good day!  They were uber productive and got a lot accomplished today!

Day 156 - Thursday 4/25/13 - Very much appreciating how well my therapist understands me.  Very, very much appreciating that today.


  1. Wonderful, as always.

    I've started to do something similar to this. My friend gave me a grateful jar with an attached notepad and pen. I write down what I'm grateful for all the time!

    1. I love the idea of a grateful jar! I've seem similar, where you write down memories and stick them in the jar, then open it up and read them all on New Years Eve. Thinking I might have to do a combo of the two....

  2. Your Thursday posts are always a joy to read - I can relate to that image of sinking into the cushions at my therapists... I always go in thinking how messed up I am and come out believing there's hope after all :)

    1. So happy you enjoy the Thursday posts! Please feel free to join in! There's a FB page dedicated to Thankful Thursdays :)

      Love this: "I always go in thinking how messed up I am and come out believing there's hope after all"


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