Thursday, April 4, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 129 - Friday 3/29/13 - The gods must be smiling on me today, cause I survived not one, but two family meals in one day.  Truly shocked, and so thankful they went well!

Day 130 - Saturday 3/30/13 - Thankful that the weather was once again beautiful, and the day with family wasn't too intolerable, either.

Day 131 - Sunday 3/31/13 - Thankful for a day of rest.  Nothing but sunshine, a nice walk with the Pup, and relaxation!

Day 132 - Monday 4/1/13 - So happy that baseball is back!  Finally, there will be something on TV that captures my attention!

Day 133 - Tuesday 4/2/13 - Today's gratitude goes to..... um.... um.... I'm grateful for puppy snuggles.

Day 134 - Wednesday 4/3/13 - Thrilled that the pup has finally learned to use the bathroom bell!  Really, he has it down this time!

Day 135 - Thursday 4/4/13 - Thankful for little treats, like the warm, gooey, single serve rice krispy treat I figured out how to make!

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