Thursday, May 9, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 170 - Thursday 5/9/13 - Blown away by my students presentations and SO grateful to be able to guide them on their journeys this year!

Day 169 - Wednesday 5/8/13 - Thankful for the beautiful, blooming blossoms on the trees outside my windows.  They remind me to stay in the moment, as they only bloom for a short week before they snow pink petals.

Day 168 - Tuesday 5/7/13 - Loving the little things that make the world better.... like impromptu shoe shopping with the BFF.....

Day 167 - Monday 5/6/13 - So much gratitude for my therapist and her amazing way of working with words. 

Day 166 - Sunday 5/5/13 - Thrilled that I finally found a new comforter!  I've been looking for ages, and I finally found one I like!

Day 165 - Saturday 5/4/13 - Grateful for a lazy morning..... much appreciated after a long week, and perfectly capped with a visit to my dietitian!

Day 164 - Friday 5/3/13 - TGIF.  Seriously.  It's been a week.  Though specific for today?  I am very grateful to have an open mind, which enables me to enjoy school "stuff" more than many of my colleagues.

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