Thursday, May 29, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 192 - Thursday 5/29/14 -  So impressed by how well my former students rocked the stage at their musical tonight!

Day 191 - Wednesday 5/28/14 - Thankful for the rainy day, it made recess duty a lot easier!

Day 190 - Tuesday 5/27/14 - SO so so so so so so happy to see my Therapist after a very long, seemingly impossible, 12 day break.

Day 189 - Monday 5/26/14 -  Remembering and appreciating those who fought for what I value - the freedom to live a life of my choosing in a [relatively] safe country.

Day 188 - Sunday 5/25/14 -  Grateful for a day of nothing.  They're few and far between lately.

Day 187 - Saturday 5/24/14 - Appreciate the bonus time with my dietitian today.  It was a much needed boost of encouragement that will hopefully carry me until my therapist returns.

Day 186 - Friday 5/23/14 - Shocked how productive the afternoon professional development was!  That's a rarity!

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