Thursday, June 5, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 199 - Thursday 6/5/14 - Feeling good about going to the board meeting, I know it meant a lot to the people I went for, even if it was exhausting for me.

Day 198 - Wednesday 6/4/14 - It was bittersweet tonight, celebrating retirements.  I'm grateful to have known some pretty amazing educators.

Day 197 - Tuesday 6/3/14 - Happy that tonight's concert reunited me with former students as well as allowed me to enjoy hearing the growth that current students made with their musical education!

Day 196 - Monday 6/2/14 -  Glad the vet was able to see The Pup on such short notice.  His allergies were horrid this weekend.

Day 195 - Sunday 6/1/14 - After the most torturous weekend, I am pleased to say all my end of year reports are done!

Day 194 - Saturday 5/31/14 - Locking myself in the house this weekend to get year end reports done.  Glad I have nothing on my schedule so that this can happen.

Day 193 - Friday 5/30/14 - Another rousing evening of musical theater featuring the second crew of former students - the arts are awesome!

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