Thursday, June 12, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 206 - Thursday 6/12/14 - Grateful that dogs can't tell time.  I was running late tonight, which is very unusual, and the Pup was still cheerful as always, even though dinner was super late.

Day 205 - Wednesday 6/11/14 - Happy that the rain stopped long enough for the end of the year celebration! Much better than cramming all the festivities into my tiny room!

Day 204 - Tuesday 6/10/14 - Loving the laughter the Pup brings me.  Best thing ever.

Day 203 - Monday 6/9/14 - Hit a hard realization today, but the thankful part is that I finally hit it, after several years of not getting it!

Day 202 - Sunday 6/8/14 - Proud of myself to sticking to a goal for a full week! On to week two of leaving nothing in the sink when I go to bed!

Day 201 - Saturday 6/7/14 - So happy to see so many old friends at a grad party tonight!

Day 200 - Friday 6/6/14 -  Loved dunking my students tonight at the school carnival dunk tank!

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