Thursday, May 8, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 171 - Thursday 5/8/14 - Quite pleased with the way a lesson went today, one I wasn't sure how it would go, making the fact that it went super, even better.

Day 170 - Wednesday 5/7/14 - So glad that my parents friends joined us for dinner.  My parents are always better behaved when they are there, which made dinner more peaceful for me.

Day 169 - Tuesday 5/6/14 - Sending today's appreciation to our school's PTA for the delish teacher appreciation luncheon they provided today!

Day 168 - Monday 5/5/14 - Had a comical exchange with a complete stranger today.  Really made me laugh.  Nice after a lousy day.

Day 167 - Sunday 5/4/14 - Grateful for a day of nothing.  After the past month, I really needed it.

Day 166 - Saturday 5/3/14 - Had a great day of learning today with my BFF!  Loved the networking and connections we both made!

Day 165 - Friday 5/2/14 - Happy the week from he!! is over.........

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