Thursday, May 22, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 185 - Thursday 5/22/14 - Glad to come home, even later than usual, and still be greeted by the ever-cheerful Pup that owns my  heart.

Day 184 - Wednesday 5/21/14 - So so so grateful for a much needed visit with my dietitian today.

Day 183 - Tuesday 5/20/14 - Huge sigh of relief that the last parent meeting of my school year went calmly.

Day 182 - Monday 5/19/14 - Happy to make a student extra happy today by showing up at their sporting event after school.

Day 181 - Sunday 5/18/14 -Thankful for the much needed naps (yes, naps) I got to have today.

Day 180 - Saturday 5/17/14 - Glad to be able to share my gifts with others who are interested, and in this case, eager to learn!

Day 179 - Friday 5/16/14 - Loved seeing a former student today!  Made my week to watch how she jumped right in and started helping without needing any prompting from me!

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