Thursday, May 1, 2014

365 Days of Giving Thanks - Year 2

Day 164 - Thursday 5/1/14 - Thankful that the last six weeks of hard work paid off - my class did an incredible job with their performance tonight!

Day 163 - Wednesday 4/30/14 - Lovely to see so many people gathering together to celebrate the happier times of a life cut way too short.

Day 162 - Tuesday 4/29/14 - Enjoyed a lovely evening watching a former student shine in her element.  Made me feel old.

Day 161 - Monday 4/28/14 - Appreciating a moment of "adulthood" in that today I completed a challenging task that would have sent me into misery before, successfully today.  I asked for help from the designated person and it worked!

Day 160 - Sunday 4/27/14 - Thankful for the Pup, especially on a day like today, for if I didn't have the Pup, I'd not have gotten out of bed.

Day 159 - Saturday 4/26/14 - Special treat lunch with a special friend made today special.

Day 158 - Friday 4/25/14 - LOVED seeing like six former students this afternoon! Made my week!

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