Saturday, June 22, 2013

Meet The Robinsons

Have you seen the movie Meet The Robinsons?  It's one of, if not my favorite Disney movie.  It's one of those movies that if I see it is on, I flip to it just to have it playing in the background, and then end up watching much of it!

The other day, I hit the couch after a very intense therapy session, and flipped on the television.  What was on?  Yup!  Meet The Robinsons!  It was the tail end of the movie, and the perfect way to decompress.

(Click HERE for the lyrics)
While I've seen the movie in it's entirety at least a half dozen times (I show it nearly every year in the classroom) I've never truly heard the song that plays at the end.  And this time, after the intensity of therapy, I heard it.

Don't know if it's cause of where I was in the moment, or if I finally listened to the lyrics, or what, but wow.  I heard it like I've never heard it before.  And I cried.  Oh...... how I cried.

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