Thursday, June 6, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 198 - Thursday 6/6/13 - Thankful for a drama free family dinner tonight. 

Day 197 - Wednesday 6/5/13 - Feeling kind of ugh today, so it's a simple thanks for clean air to breathe.

Day 196 - Tuesday 6/4/13 - Grateful for all the parent volunteers we have at my school - they make the amazing events like field day and our school carnival possible!

Day 195 - Monday 6/3/13 - Thankful that I am not going any more insane than usual, as yes, my new med can make *that* much of a difference after only three days.

Day 194 - Sunday 6/2/13 - Appreciative of another great Sunday morning with my great friend.... I love how easy it is to just hang out together, no agenda needed!

Day 193 - Saturday 6/1/13 - Grateful that I got not one, but two great naps in today!  Much needed sleep catch-up!

Day 192 - Friday 5/31/13 - Grateful that my annual evaluation went pretty smoothly.  Even more grateful that it's over.  I lost too much sleep over it.


  1. I am happy that you can embrace an agenda-free Sunday - I'm working toward that but I struggle!

    1. :) A series of agenda-free gatherings have led me into an excessive amount of crunch time work for this weekend, but oh well!

  2. A school carnival?

    Oh how I wish I attended elementary school now, rather than years and years ago!

    1. I know, right?! The things that happen in elementary school these days are pretty mind boggling, especially when you look back at what we had when we were kids!


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