Thursday, June 13, 2013

365 Days of Giving Thanks

Day 205 - Thursday 6/13/13 - Love the innocence of children - they make me smile, laugh, and even dance (though I hate to dance) because their joy is so contagious!

Day 204 - Wednesday 6/12/13 - Love how unexpected lessons are learned when I'm not trying to teach them. 

Day 203 - Tuesday 6/11/13 - Grateful for a great school year..... sad it's almost over.

Day 202 - Monday 6/10/13 - Thankful that I've finally figured out an effective way to use to-do lists - post them on the board and have my students hold me accountable!

Day 201 - Sunday 6/9/13 - Grateful that report cards only have to be completed twice a year.  Twelve hours is a lot of time to spend on paperwork that will be read in five minutes.

Day 200 - Saturday 6/8/13 - Patience is always appreciated, especially when dealing with redundancy.  Extra appreciated today, cause I didn't think I had any left when I had to deal with my family.

Day 199 - Friday 6/7/13 - Thrilled that I still have my softball arm!  60% success rate in successful dunking of students in the dunk tank!

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