Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 191 - Thursday 5/28/15 - Feeling really grateful to be able to experience the growth that I see every year as a teacher. 

Day 190 - Wednesday 5/27/15 - What a day.  SO thankful that things fell into place the way they did, and I didn't have that lost-puppy-wandering time I was so worried about.

Day 189 - Tuesday 5/26/15 - Grateful that my bladder still wakes me up at night, cause even though I hate the interrupted sleep, the alternative would be way worse!

Day 188 - Monday 5/25/15 - This Memorial Day, the magnitude of the holiday hit me hard.  I am and always will be ever-thankful for those who gave their lives so we could live in freedom. 

Day 187 - Sunday 5/24/15 - Hearing my cousin whisper "I can see why you don't visit your parents as much as they wish!" made me feel a little more understood by my family.

Day 186 - Saturday 5/23/15 - Love when things come full circle.... had the opportunity to help someone out today whom I've know her whole life..... I got to help her the way her mom helped me when I was her age....

Day 185 - Friday 5/22/15 - Shocked and grateful that tonight's family dinner was completely peaceful and calm, which is a first, and hopefully something that is repeated every month when we gather.

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