Thursday, May 14, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 177 - Thursday 5/14/15 - I am so grateful I am not a student these days.  The amount of pressure the kids face, most of which is out of their teacher's hands, is unacceptable.

Day 176 - Wednesday 5/13/15 - HOA meeting tonight.  Usually they are horrid.  Tonight's was the smoothest, calmest meeting ever!  Hoping they're like that every month from here on out!

Day 175 - Tuesday 5/12/15 - Being passed a tissue box when you're fighting the tears that are leaking from your eyes can be better than a hug sometimes.

Day 174 - Monday 5/11/15 - Love the sound of my therapist's laughter.  Especially when I can't seem to find my own laugh.

Day 173 - Sunday 5/10/15 - Pleasantly surprised how peaceful today was..... especially considering it included a picnic, rainy weather, and my entire family.

Day 172 - Saturday 5/9/15 - The energy that comes from 200+ teachers voluntarily spending their Saturday learning and sharing is unmatched.

Day 171 - Friday 5/8/15 - Said some things that weren't easy to speak.  Cleared up some stuff by doing so, though, making it worth it.

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