Thursday, March 19, 2015

Thankful Thursdays - Year 3

Day 121 - Thursday 3/19/15 - Today I watched my students not just shine, but sparkle bright enough to light the night.  SO proud of them as they presented to hundreds of people without missing a beat!

Day 120 - Wednesday 3/18/15 -  Grateful I made it through the day with out tears or vomit.  Migraines do that to me.  Even more so when I'm actually working through one while at work.

Day 119 - Tuesday 3/17/15 - Had a fantastic day today, partially because we were on a field trip that gave me much of my day spent outside!

Day 118 - Monday 3/16/15 - Happy to be alive today, alive and decently healthy, too.

Day 117 - Sunday 3/15/15 - Thankful for an indulgent meal, even if it made me extremely ill.

Day 116 - Saturday 3/14/15 - Gave myself the gift of a day of nothing.  Still felt way guilty, but not as guilty as usual.

Day 115 - Friday 3/13/15 - So much joy today in watching the peanut eat a full meal at a restaurant for the first time ever!  Even better that I was the one doing the feeding!

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