Thursday, January 22, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 65 - Thursday 1/22/15 - So thankful that I get to come home to the Pup every day.  No one loves me like he does.

Day 64 - Wednesday 1/21/15 - Glad that I actually got to go out for lunch for once, and to my favorite lunch spot, too!

Day 64 - Tuesday 1/20/15 - Had a meeting tonight with people I don't generally spend time with.  They said I was funny and they enjoyed me being there.  That was nice to hear.

Day 63 - Monday 1/19/15 - A day of doctors appointments wrapping with therapy.  I always value the insights gained, even when I don't want to hear them.

Day 62 - Sunday 1/18/15 - First thought this morning: It's Sunday, I get to see my therapist tomorrow!  Smiles come from strange places sometimes.

Day 61 - Saturday 1/17/15 - Super excited that I don't have to leave my house until Monday.

Day 60 - Friday 1/16/15 - Love seeing my dad with his first grandchild.  Being a grandpa fits him well.

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