Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 59 - Thursday 1/15/15 - Had to be a hard-@$$ today resulting in a crying child.  Thanks to years of experience, as much as I hated the experience, I am not beating myself up over it.  I know this kiddo will learn from this and become a better kiddo in the process.

Day 58 - Wednesday 1/14/15 - Surprised that the board meeting tonight was as peaceful as it was.  That will make it easier to go to next month's meeting.....

Day 57 - Tuesday 1/13/15 - While at a stoplight this morning on my way to work, two absolutely brilliant snowflakes landed on my window.  I watched them the whole way to work, as they made me smile.  Smiles are a good way to start a day.

Day 56 - Monday 1/12/15 - Was reminded today that "once my therapist, always my therapist" which always makes my heart warm.....

Day 55 - Sunday 1/11/15 - Loved the day in, where it was warm and relaxing.

Day 54 - Saturday 1/10/15 - Tackled a fear today - arriving quite late at an event with a specified start time.  I normally would use lateness as an excuse not to go.  Instead, I went.  And the world didn't explode.

Day 53 - Friday 1/9/15 - Spoke up for myself twice today, and no one hated me for it.  At least not yet.....

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