Thursday, January 1, 2015

Thankful Thursday - Year 3

Day 45 - Thursday 1/1/15 - Enjoyed an afternoon brunch with the cousins today, a nice way to kick off 2015.

Day 44 - Wednesday 12/31/14 - So excited to have the peanut for the night!  First overnight visit ever, and it's with Auntie!

Day 43 - Tuesday 12/30/14 - Tough, tear-filled day, but on the upside, lots of learning took place.

Day 42 - Monday 12/29/14 - While I couldn't seem to recognize it, I appreciate the acknowledgement that I have been more open to things than ever before. 

Day 41 - Sunday 12/28/14 - It was nice to sleep in today - first time all break long I slept past 8am.

Day 40 - Saturday 12/27/14 - Glad to be among those who get me, all of me, today, if only for an hour.

Day 39 - Friday 12/26/14 - Took a huge chance today....... big risk...... waiting to see what comes of it..... but at least it's over!

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