Saturday, January 17, 2015

All The Wrong Reasons

It's Saturday evening.  This morning I had a meeting, and then went to the bakery before grocery shopping and heading home.

The first thought in my mind when I got back into the car after grocery shopping?

I am SO excited that I don't have to leave the house until Monday!

One might say, "well, yeah, you had a ridiculously insane week of work, no wonder you're excited about staying in!"

Except..... this is an all-too-common sentiment.  Not having to leave the house.  My inner turtle is coming out.  I'm heading into hibernation.  I'm burying my head in the pillow and praying for a pajama day.  I'm letting depression win.  I'm tuning the world out whenever possible.  I'm pathetic.  I'm hiding.

Or maybe I just need a break.  And all those other things?  Maybe they're old excuses.  Maybe I'm actually listening to my overly tired and achy body for once, and not resisting the need to relax and recharge.

I don't know.
Guess it doesn't matter, either.
All I know is that I am excited I don't have to leave the house until Monday.
Pathetic or not, sometimes, you gotta take the smiles from wherever they may be.


  1. Honey, I hear you on this one. I want to hibernate right now too. Have you read "Quiet" by Susan Cain? I found it super helpful and validating of my experiences. It also helped me when I'm trying to tease apart... am I avoiding and using unhealthy coping? Or am I needing to reset and recharge because that is a part of who I am as an introvert? The answer is not always clear but, as I said, I found the information beneficial. No matter what is happening though, it's not pathetic. It's where you are and only you can know when you need to move forward.

    1. I have not read it, but it sounds like something for my "TBR" pile. Thanks for the reminder that where one is is just where they are!


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